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My Heart Desire was created several years ago after using my simple drawing skills.  I began drawing and cutting out images from construction paper, then transferring them into greeting cards.

Shortly thereafter, I began to use my sewing skills in which I learned from taking a sewing class my senior year of high school. My motto  was always and still is, "I'm not a seamtress, but I know how to sew."

After combining these skills, I began creating handmade greeting cards, wedding invitations, formal announcements and tote bags. It was what my heart desired.

Materials used for all my handmade greeting cards are used from different types of card stock paper, in addition to embossing and dazzling embellishments.

Material used for Tote bags/ crossbody bags,  consist of a variety of beautiful fabrics including, cotton, denim and some polyester blend.

*All Handmade cards, and bags variety In different sizes.

Thank you for your support!

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