Collection: Andrea's Addiction

The journey of sewing, which began in the 9th grade, has evolved into a lifelong passion and creative endeavor. Armed with an AA degree from FIDM in San Francisco and backed by 13 years of retail management experience, I took a leap into upcycling, repurposing, and reloving discarded vintage linens in 2017. This venture expanded into a diverse array of women's clothing, gifts, and accessories, showcased through pop-up shops, boutiques, and various events throughout the year.

My process begins with quality thrifted or donated 'clothes,' paired harmoniously with linens acquired from friends, family, and exciting haunts like the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale, known for its treasure trove of vintage fabrics, trims, and linens. Every piece I create is a unique and one-of-a-kind creation, treated with individual attention based on its distinct elements. All my pieces are handcrafted in Concord, CA, utilizing one of my four machines.

Diversity is key in my work—I love playing with colors, pairing different textures, surfaces, and elements. Each piece is like one of my children, possessing a unique personality—fun-loving, memorable, and smart. You won't find another piece like it, even if I were to recreate it. In addition to their individuality, practicality is also a priority—all pieces are machine washable in cold water and designed with a comfortable shoulder-to-hem length of 30 inches, ensuring coverage over the bum. These pieces are versatile, pairing effortlessly with leggings and jeans.

For those seeking a more personalized touch, customized pieces are available, tailored to your size and preferences with options that extend beyond imagination. Each creation is an expression of my love for the craft and a celebration of individuality in style.

Andrea Legault
Instagram: @andreas_addiction