Welcome Makers!

We are thrilled you're here! The Artisan Market is a community of gifted and innovative artists who handmake, upcycle, and repurpose their creations. We're constantly inspired by the talent that enters the store and always looking forward to welcoming new artists as part of our family.

  • Store & Local Events

    Not only are we right smack dab on Main Street, in the heart of downtown, we are proud members of both the Downtown Martinez Association and Martinez Chamber of Commerce. This gives us a front-row seat to participate in the following:

    • Networking Mixers
    • Beer Crawls and Sip & Shops
    • Monthly Car Shows
    • Monthly Open Air Markets
    • Monthly Art Walks
    • and more!

  • Community

    At The Artisan Market, we're like one big creative family. Join a talented bunch of artists who motivate each other to reach new heights. We've got each other's backs!

    Our artistic community at The Artisan Market is like a colorful circus of creativity, where we juggle ideas and encourage each other to soar to new heights. It's a wild ride filled with laughter and inspiration!

  • Support

    Ensuring sales success is our top priority, and we're dedicated to providing various avenues for sales opportunities:

    • Direct In Store Sales
    • Online Sales: We're currently building our own online marketplace,
    • In-Store Classes: Vendors are able to host classes in-store, offering more than just sales by creating engaging experiences for customers.
    • Local Event Participation

What We're Currently Looking For:

We're excited for all applications, but space is limited. Wedo our best to prevent vendor overlap. Here's some examples of what we're currently seeking:

  • Soaps / Chapsticks / Bath Salts
  • Mens Accessories / Gifts / Grooming
  • Kids Toys / Clothing / Accessories / Books
  • Textiles: Bedding / Kitchen / Bath
  • Leather Working
  • Resin Gifts: Charcuterie Boards, trays, etc
  • Pottery Kitchenware
  • Giftable Home Decor
  • Pantry Goods: ie Salsa / Sauces / Snacks

We are currently full in the following areas: Jewelry, candles, home scents, beauty (makeup, perfumes, scrubs), stationary & papergoods, CBD, jewelry, tumblers, cards, adult clothing, birdhouses, purses, pouches, totebags, chocolates. You are welcome to complete an application for us to reference should a space become available in your specialty.

Apply Here

Vendor Requirements

  • Space Rental Fee: Determined by your agreed-upon space size
  • 15% Overhead Fee: Goes back into the store for essentials like lighting, paper towels, and social media advertising
  • 1 to 2 Working Shifts Per Month: Depending on your space size, these shifts (4-6 hours each) are chosen by you.
  • Sellers Permit
  • Items must be at least 70% handmade, upcycled or repurposed
  • No licensed product