Collection: Sophia Rose Traditions

When I retired from the mental health field I found my creative outlet. I knit, repurpose clothing and accessories and use vintage materials like lace and doilies to make mixed media art. I love finding unusual yarns, patterns, lace, etc. and usually make one of a kind items. My greatest joy is the pleasure people get from my creations. 

I'm told if a baby or pet is put in one of my knits they immediately calm. I think that's because they feel the love I put into them. I make almost anything that can be knitted, add lace and other embellishments to jackets, purses, and blouses, embroider pendants and toy faces, and frame my vintage collages. I also do custom work. 

Please take a look at my baby items, shawls, gloves, hats, scarves, bracelets, toys, purses, and art work at the Artisan Market or checkout my FB page