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Hello friends, my name is Marcela Hodgers. Throughout the years I’ve struggled with dry skin, breakouts and even psoriasis and eczema flare ups. I have tried different products, lotions, creams and treatments, but nothing worked and I noticed the products I was using contained so many harmful chemicals and cancer causing ingredients. As lover of all things natural and homemade, I started doing research about DIY homemade remedies for dry skin. My research made me more aware of the harmful chemicals used in various over-the-counter products, and I knew if I wanted to improve my skin, I’d have to make my own products so I could control the ingredients and only use skin-loving, nourishing oils and butters. 

As a former pre-school teacher I’m no stranger to arts and crafts and exploring creativity. I am also a former law enforcement officer, which can be very stressful and challenging. In order to de-stress I started searching for a hobby I could do during my off time that would also help me explore more of my creative side. In 2016, I stumbled upon soap making videos on YouTube and through trial and error, Celamar Naturals was born.

I tried and tested several soap recipes and then ventured on to making lip balms, bath bombs and body butters. What started out as research, quickly became a fun hobby and eventually a side business. I pride myself on only using responsibly sourced and organic ingredients. I do not use any harsh detergents, sulfates or surfactants in any of my products. I truly hope you enjoy using my products as much as I have enjoyed making them. Give Celamar Naturals a try, your skin will thank you.

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